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iTENDO² countersinking


Achieve the optimum process with the iTENDO²
From smart toolholders to simple process monitoring and integration into the machine control system. In terms of digitalization, SCHUNK is setting standards in the metal-cutting industry with the iTENDO².

Why monitoring processes?

The metal-cutting industry is currently facing difficult challenges. High productivity at low manufacturing costs and high factory quality are essential prerequisites for sustainability, profitability and competitiveness. Digitalization is considered to be the greatest challenge in the manufacturing industry. However, it also offers opportunities for companies in creating processes more precisely, reliably, and faster. With intelligent solutions and components from SCHUNK, we are contributing to maximum process stability and laying the foundation for a digital future in industry.

The toolholder for an easy entry into digitalization

With the iTENDO², it has been possible to combine the excellent features of TENDO hydraulic expansion technology with the possibilities of digital process monitoring in one toolholder. If one looks into the process starting from the place of metal cutting, the iTENDO² intelligent toolholder is the first non-wear part, "closest-to-the-part," and therefore it is ideal for signal acquisition.

Application image – iTENDO² Platinum

The intelligent way to the optimum process

Getting started with transparent data acquisition with the iTENDO² is really easy. Connect the toolholder to the pad with a simple click and the iTENDO² can immediately detect irregularities, and help you to work even more efficiently in various machining processes. On the tablet PC, the process can be followed in real time, recorded and started by setting the exact limits in the parameters for automatic recording.

Product image – iTENDO

Your advantages

  • Process transparency
    Vibrations and vibration peaks in the process are made visible.
  • Optimization of set-ups
    Visualization of the effects with different clamping devices and identification of vibration-damping clamping devices.
  • Optimization of cutting data
    Determination of cutting data with less vibration based on cutting data recommendations of the tool manufacturer.

  • Condition Monitoring
    Enables scyclical condition monitoring of the spindle without great effort.
  • Cycle time optimization
    Determination of an alternative cutting data window with the same or fewer vibrations within a shorter cycle time.
  • Optimization of tool service life and surface quality
    Adjustment of cutting data to reduce vibrations in the process. With the aim of improving tool service life and surface quality.

iTENDO² easy connect – Package for machine integration

By recording the vibration data on the last non-wearable part, the iTENDO² enables high data quality. This data helps to quickly identify problems in processes and improve processes. The enhancement package iTENDO² easy connect now offers the possibility of an easy connection of the toolholder technology to the machine and the existing process monitoring system.

iTENDO² easy connect
Functional diagram – iTENDO² easy connect

Smart toolholder technology for your process monitoring system

With the easy connect expansion package, the data of the iTENDO² are received wireless from a receiver in the machine room, transferred to a control cabinet module, and provided to the process monitoring system via an analog output (0 – 10 volts).

  • 1) iTENDO²
  • 2) iTENDO² pad
  • 3) Wireless receiver
  • 4) Connect Box
  • 5) Connection to an existing process monitoring system

Your advantages

  • Functions of the iTENDO² pad
    iTENDO² easy connect has all advantages and functions of the iTENDO² pad
  • Connection to existing process monitoring system
    High data quality forconnection to an existing process monitoring system.

  • Connection to the machine
    Provision of the signal to the machine control system
  • Connection to customer's own database
    Provision of data for customized evaluations.

iTENDO² easy monitor – software upgrade

The function expansion iTENDO² easy monitor enables machine operators to get easily startet into process monitoring. As with the easy connect package, the data of the iTENDO² is received by a wireless receiver and passed on to a control cabinet module. The package also has software extensions that can be accessed using the supplied iTENDO² pad.

Product image – easy monitor
Functional diagram – easy monitor

The simple, universally applicable monitoring for your process

By means of the software upgrade, processes and limits can be defined on up to 64 memory locations. Moreover, easy monitor offers the possibility to configure life and trend alarms, which can be used for reactions such as fault lamps or machine stops. The easy monitor package offers an easy process monitoring with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • 1) iTENDO²
  • 2) iTENDO² pad + easy monitor software upgrade
  • 3) Wireless receiver
  • 4) Connect Box
  • 5) Monitoring trend limits and alarms
  • 6) Integration into the machine control system

Your advantages

  • Functions of the iTENDO² pad
    iTENDO² easy monitor has all advantages and functions of the iTENDO² pad
  • Functions of iTENDO² easy connect
    iTENDO² easy monitor has all advantages and functions of the iTENDO² easy connect
  • Tool monitoring
    Detection of wear based on trend limits as well as fracture detection through the identification of vibration peaks

  • Workpiece monitoring
    Enables monitoring of surface quality, chatter marks and vibration peaks
  • Condition monitoring
    Enables straightforward cyclical condition monitoring of the spindle.